Treasurer, Accounting & Payroll, & Office Manager- Stephanie Moad

Stephanie was hired a little over nineteen years ago for a temporary "fill-in" and has been working her every since. Stephanie is now treasurer, handles all accounts payable, vendors, and completes all of the behind the scenes from start to finish. Stephanie does all the book keeping and payroll for the M&W Hauling Inc.

Route Manager- Luke Moad

Luke helped to organize and operate M&W Hauling over eight years ago in Missouri. Luke was introduced to the trash industry over fifteen years ago. Luke manages all drivers and the routes and makes sure all the trucks are properly maintained. He also serves as a traveling mechanic for M & W Hauling.

Behind the scenes and in the office:

Esther Wright- Manages all Commercial and Roll Off Accounts.

Donna Carey- Manages all Insurance/ Human Resources/Research & Development

Lisa Davis- Manages all Missouri residential customer accounts and coordinates Marketing

Tasha Hagerman- Manages all North Carolina customer accounts for corporate office.

MO Drivers: James Hopkins-Crew Leader, Levi Holder, & Dennis Buschjost

Delivery/ Pick-up: Shane Berhorst

Roll Off Delivery/ Pick-up: Lee Penserum



President- Jeffery Moad

Jeff Moad entered into the trash company over thirty years ago. Was introduced to this company by friend and owner of Military Waste Management, Inc. A. Gene Watts, Jeff started as a roving interstate mechanic for Military Waste Management and manager replacement at times. Jeff received his Business degree from Columbia College. He now oversees the process and completion of every day's responsibility that M&W Hauling obtains. In 2007, he decided to start up services for central mid Missouri and we are now currently active and growing consistently.


 Our Company Family

 Our Services:

Roll Off Containers:

We provide services to:

* Contractors- Construction Debris 

* Contractors- Remodel Debris

* Personal Use- Remodel Debris

* Personal Use- Moving

*Personal Use- Spring Cleaning

Please give M&W Hauling 2-3 business days in advance before delivery of a roll off container.

We do not deliver roll off containers on Saturday or Sunday. Please call 573-498-6579 for more information or to set up delivery.




We are excited to announce we now provide 2 cubic yard,  3 cubic yard, 4 cubic yard, & 6 cubic yard commercial dumpsters for long term accounts (6 months or longer).

Prices vary on size of container and the materials placed in the container.

If a commercial dumpster is overflowing or if there are heavy materials being placed in the dumpster we will charge a extra fee. 


Residential Trash Service:

We bill out every quarter (3 months)

We deliver a 96 gallon roll away container at NO extra fee-The driver will deliver an application that we ask each customer to fill out for office purposes. It is NOT a contract!

Trash is picked up once a week (curbside)

*We provide a senior citizen and veteran discount, please ask for more details.


M&W Hauling Inc.. All Right Reserved.


Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-4 p.m. EST,